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Friday, July 29, 2011


Pic from MTV asia blog

Free ticket, so what?

24th July 2011, i-City Shah Alam
I just can't believe this! In a few more minutes, I'll watch my husband-to-be aka Jared Leto perform live!! Wei, I slapped myself for a million times, but the truth is, I WILL WATCH JARED LETO LIVE! Seriously, I was soooooo excited and I scream throughout my lungs. So, sebelum ni, Pop Shuvit, BEAST, Neon Trees perform. Heh, aku tak minat. And akhirnya... 30 Seconds To Mars akan rock stage tuu!!! Okay, Escape, A Beautiful Lie, Attack, THIS IS WAR!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Jared Leto tak pernah tak hot! I mean, he always hot! So, lepas tu 30STM perform Closer To the Edge, The Kill and Kings and Queens! But,  wait! Main purpose aku pergi ni sebab nak dengar 30STM perform HURRICANE? WEI, I WANT HURRICANE! HURRICANE! Andd.... Suddenly, Jared Leto ambil guitar dia. And, start nyanyi. And... ramai orang nak balik. But, kenapa dengan aku? Why suddenly I'm not feeling well? Why the world is spinning around me?? 

25th July 2011, 5:30AM, Dorm Salam, AIGS hostel.
And I wake up. Grrr?? I just have a great dream, but why I wake up? Why? Why?



Tasneem said...

omg! igtkan p. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG :O

Sofie said...

reality, tak pegi!!! Grrr..
Cousin pi la semua. Depa bkan nak bawak balik Jared Leto ka apa, bawak mai balik gmbar ja?!